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The Ilhem Marzouki Feminist University (UFIM) was founded in 2009 with the following objectives:
– sharing the values of universal rights, equality and non-discrimination against women;
– reinforcing of the feminist approach by social actors and professionals;
– renewing and the broadening of the association towards its environment; and,
– strengthening of the lobbying capacities of civil actors.

The Ilhem Marzouki Feminist University (UFIM) is a permanent project that provides training for future generations on human rights in general and women’s rights in particular. It is part of its objective to promote self-reflection and self-improvement among young people through a participatory and interactive approach.

Relying on the experience, the theoretical knowledge and know-how acquired by ATFD during more than twenty years of feminist activism, UFIM seeks to revive intergenerational cultural links by reaching out to young people (women, men and others) and to share with professionals (lawyers, judges, doctors, journalists, trade unionists, educators, etc.) the values of human rights and equality.


Young people and/or professionals from the justice, health and business sectors, educators, trade unionists, journalists from the written press and audio-visual media, human rights activists and NGO executives.


Feminist activists at the regional, national and international levels; practitioners, experts, scholars, researchers, writers, artists (visual arts, theater, cinema, literature, circus, etc.), civil society activists, etc.

The UFIM program:

  1. Summer University
  2. Training cycle


"Personal Development"

"Feminism: Past and Present"

"Sexual and Bodily Rights"

"Violence Against Women"

"Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights of Women"

"Citizenship and political rights of Women"


“Terka” / Heritage theatrical performance


Theatre performance “Heritage/Terka” ATFD