The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (AFTD) is a Tunisian non-profit association that aims to spread the culture of gender equality at the social, economic, political, cultural and legal levels.

The association defends women’s rights by supporting women victims of violence and discrimination, and strengthening the capacities of women and youths.

We are fighting against the patriarchal system, against all forms of gender discrimination, and violence against women. We are working to develop and disseminate a secular, progressive feminist discourse for a Tunisia that respects the principles of dignity, freedoms, democracy, equality and social justice.

In accordance with texts and declarations of human rights, international conventions and more particularly the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Copenhagen), the ATFD works for:

  • The elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
  • The defense of acquired rights and the development of Tunisian legislation to reach effective gender equality.
  • The change of prevailing patriarchal mindsets.
  • Enable women to face their problems and work together to find non-discriminatory solutions.
  • Women’s participation in civic and political life.
  • The unconditional recognition of their full citizenship.
  • Combating all forms of violence against women.


Permanent committees in which members participate in the development of programs. These committees can be open to women sympathizers and resource persons:

Ad hoc committees: the Board of Directors and members may call for the creation of ad hoc committees (participating in national or international current affairs debates). The AFTD counts 3 sections located in Sfax, Sousse and Kairouan.

The ATFD was founded by the autonomous women’s movement which, since the 1970s, has had various forms of expression through different structures: 1978 Club for Studies of Women Status “Tahar Haddad”, 1982 Commission of studies of working women condition within the UGTT (Tunisian General Labor Union), in 1983 Revue “Nissa”, 1984 Commission of women of the LTDH (Tunisian Human Rights League). 1988 creation of the AFTURD (Tunisian Women Association for Research and Development), 1989 Birth of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women ATFD.

All this movement endeavored for:

The rehabilitation of women’s struggle since the 1930s

The recognition of its pioneers within the Muslim Union of Tunisian Women UMFT and the Tunisian Women Union UFT

To revive the celebration of the International Women’s Day March 8th, which has not been celebrated since the 1940s.

On August 6th, 1989, the ATFD was created under the legal visa N ° T- 3690 (JORT n°72 of September 15th, 1989)

In 2004, ATFD obtained the Observer Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).