Asma Fanni
for Equal

The general objective of the Asma Fanni Observatory for Equal Opportunities is to develop specific tools for detecting all political, economic, social and cultural discriminations against women and to promote concrete actions for equal opportunities. The observatory will play the role of democratic vigilance and social justice towards female population. It will implement several activities, amongst which a sectoral study on the extent of implementation of legislation, organizing discussion sessions and awareness-raising activities to enlighten women about their rights, and establishing listening cells and accompanying women in their search for work.

The beneficiaries
of the project

The direct beneficiaries of the project are women in political or economic instability: women looking for work, unemployed graduates, economic redundancies, future elections candidates at national, regional or local electoral scales, female voters, government and territorial officials, women in decision-making positions.

The indirect beneficiaries are the general public of men, women and young people.

The observatory is established in Sfax and Tunis

The project Objectives

Increasing women's awareness of their economic and social rights, in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities and the benefits associated with it

Increasing women's participation in the democratic transition process in accordance with the principle of full and comprehensive citizenship.

Lobbying to influence public policies to change discriminatory laws and regulations in aspects related to civil, political, economic and social rights, in order to ensure equality